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Writes well and explains at the level of the clueless like me. I have recommended to everybody I know

Learned a lot from so small a book. The author, for an eyedoc, writes well and explains at the level of the clueless like me. I have recommended to everybody I know who has been diagnosed w/cataracts, too late for those who already submitted to surgery. What caught my attention most is the statement that a specific part of the eye (sorry, forgot which at this time) is an indicator of longevity, and that those who submitted to cataract surgery are five years away from death . . . better said than that . . . but I think that's what I understood. But that there's good news for those diagnosed with macular degeneration and other causes of potential blindness or deteriorating vision . . . reversible if caught early and healed w/nutritional fixes, etc. Highly recommend to all who still can see but might not in due time, find out what can be done!

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You MUST read this book if you have cataracts.
You can reverse your cataracts!!! Forget the
books that tell you how to live with them or
tell you you must have surgery. Buy this book
you will not be disappointed.

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This book truly opened my eyes (no pun intended) to the concept of whole body health. The numbers are staggering when it comes to cataracts and eye health. Although I myself have not undergone the surgery, I know others who have and I will be passing along this book as well as the knowledge I have gleaned from it. This book really drove home the importance of healthy living. I will probably re-read it as I'm sure I missed a lot the first time around. Yes there is a whole lot I was able to take away. Growing up with a parent in geriatric health, I was shocked by the numbers I found in this book. I can't believe cataracts is the #1 procedure in Medicare. A must read for any and all who care for an elderly individual.

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a must know knowledge

So needed and docs should understand the physiology. Go past your doc and be your own informed steward.

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Five Stars


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Healing Your Cataracts Naturally!

Many people as they age get cataracts and have surgery to correct the problem. What if there was another way to prevent and reverse cataracts? Would you be interested in learning the secret? I would jump at the chance to learn the secret! Glen Swartwout is going to tell you how you can self-heal your cataracts in his ebook called, Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing! It's a comprehensive guide to the science and art of healing cataracts naturally, by using nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and light therapy. Caregivers, healers and holistic physicians have used this book as a reference guide, plus many people have self-healed themselves of cataracts!

I received a copy of the ebook, Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing! I was very impressed with this book! Dr. Swartwout shares three decades of accumulating knowledge and has helped hundreds of people avoid getting cataract surgery! He will teach you what causes cataracts, tell you what vitamins, minerals and herbs to take, plus tell you what to avoid! With all of this detailed information, not only will your cataracts heal, but you'll add years and quality to your life!

My husband had cataract surgery years ago, so I know how cataracts affect your health and how the surgery affects your eyes, as well as your health. The Optometrist,told me I have mild cataracts in both eye. I decided that I do not want any kind of surgery, so I'm going to do the self-healing, with all the great advice from this book to heal my own cataracts!

This book is very informative! I did know about some of the vitamins, minerals and herbs that could help your eyes, but Dr. Swartwout goes into great detail about what supplements compliment each other and what doesn't. He gives great advise on what to avoid that will affect you vision and even your health. This is an AWESOME ebook and I would highly recommend it!

I was given this product for my unbiased review.

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A chapter on diet would have been good. I will try his advice to save my vision...

Kudos to Glenn Swartwout for such a profound book on cataracts. Dr Swartwout goes against the medical establishment and says that cataracts are a result of nutritional deficiencies. At least that is a major cause. He offers nutritional advice in the form of supplements. There is a chapter on homeopathy and light therapy. The book is well researched and gives hope to those suffering from this debilitating disease who want to heal without surgery. Surgery according to the author does not address the fundamental causes. A chapter on diet would have been good. I will try his advice to save my eyes from the surgeon's knife.

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Best Cataract Book on Amazon!

This is one of the most comprehensive books I have ever read on Cataracts. You could spend a year reading other books and not get the clear and concise information this book delivers. Dr. Swartwout is not only an accomplished Optometrist but a Naturopath who understands how healing the entire person, heals the eye. This is an opportunity/window into healing you wont get from other books or authors. Highly recommended. Best deal on Amazon!

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Great Reference Book

Great Reference Book that changes your thought on what to eat and not for a healthier lifestyle and possibly preventing Cataract.

*I was offered an opportunity to read this book free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion*

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