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All Healing is Self-Healing

Symptoms and even Diagnoses are descriptions of the effects of disturbed or disrupted function.

You will begin to treat function through support and stimulation, rather than trying to kill all the dysfunctions, which are actually expressions of the body’s innate intelligence in its best efforts to resolve the underlying, often hidden, and multifactorial causes.

Trusting your own body, mind, and spirit to guide your healing is half the battle for achieving a higher level of wellness.

The other half is finding a guide, an interpreter, and a source for the natural resources that are so sadly missing from our modern man-made and technological living and working environments…

You are in the right place at exactly the right time, and all of your past choices and challenges have led you right here.

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Sacraments vs Supplements

The purpose of healing is the growth and transformation of the immortal spirit body, after all...

Just as we see an entourage effect when we combine a comprehensive array of natural healing substances in our Functional Formulations™, we also see much faster, easier, and more profound healing results when we attend to the energetic and informational realms as well as the material forms.

We believe that is why we see so many healing effects that contradict and confound the observations of conventional textbooks...

And it is why we consider our remedies to be sacraments for the healing of the whole person... not merely material supplements to a diet thought to be merely to nourish the material bio-body suit...

We look forward to hearing your story and sharing in your healing journey...

Our Founders...

Dr. Glen Swartwout

"At age 25, I was shocked to learn that I would go blind by age 50 with conventional medicine. While seeking solutions, I also learned I would die of a stroke in my 30's, unless I corrected the underlying causes. In solving my own sight-threatening and life-threatening health challenges, I have developed the Clinical Theory™️ and Clinical Praxis™️ that have helped restore health and function for thousands of people with safe and natural therapies..."

Dr. Glen Swartwout is the author of more than a dozen technical books on natural medicine, including the leading books on healing blinding eye diseases. His work is featured in Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and he is co-author of Natural Eyecare: An Encyclopedia. Dr. Glen is the source for the Functional Formulations™ of our sacred healing remedies. He has also been developing energy healing tools for nearly 40 years.

Rae Luscombe

Susan ‘Rae’ Luscombe is a transformational life coach. She is also a licensed holistic esthetician.

Together, Dr. Glen & Rae bring you 23 years of collaboration to ensure that your Accelerated Self Healing™️ program restores your health and wellness with the optimum speed and efficiency you can achieve.

Together, we listen to the wisdom of your body so you will get the exact remedies, energies, and information fields that heal your body fast.

Our mission is to change how the world understands and treats blinding eye disease and other health challenges. We invite you to join us in creating the Medicine of the Future...

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Accelerate Self Healing™

We specialize in helping you match the perfect remedies to your precise needs...

Learn how you can supercharge your body's innate healing superpowers...

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