For as long as there has been culture, humans have worn precious bits of nature as medicine for the body, the mind, and the soul.


Native Americans kept sacred objects in a medicine pouch around their neck.


We also wear our medicines when we are not able to tolerate take them internally... 


In fact, it is the safest way to take most Western pharmaceutical drugs!


Some of the earliest human remains found in caves in Russia, the Denisovans, show that tens of thousands of years ago, humans had already developed a very advanced physical culture including jewelry. 


Gems and special stones and minerals have unique properties not only in terms of beauty and esthetics but also precise frequencies and information which carry their own healing qualities into the human biofield.


Today we also design technologies that we can wear on our bodies, our portable real estate in which soil we nurture our souls and grow our future selves...


Did you know that the term "Real Estate" originally came from "Royal Estate"?


As a member of the Royalty of the Heavens, this is important to bear in mind.


You are precious and unique... Irreplaceable and worthy of all healing.

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