NIR Brain Frequency Helmet

The Brain Helmet delivers Near Infrared (NIR) light to the brain to energize and cleanse the tissue through photobiomodulation, helping to improve symptoms and restore lost function.

The specific frequency of light delivery by the Brain Helmet activates the mitochondria, which supply over 90% of cellular energy from oxidative respiration…

The light is tuned to an absorption frequency of Cytochrome C, activating Cytochrome C Oxidase enzyme in the electron transport chain.

We recommend using the helmet for 20 minutes every other day so that the cells and tissues have a day off to complete the cleansing process and to regenerate…

The frequency of light pulses from this soft laser can be set as desired, including frequencies of 11 Hz for physical brain repair, as in Parkinson’s, 43 Hz in the Gamma brain wave range for memory support, as in Alzheimer's, and 172 Hz for attracting ORMUS into the conscious spirit body within the brain, as this is the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature.

An extensive list of therapeutic frequencies in the range up to 10,000 Hz accessible with this helmet is included in our book Anima Medica: Vis Medicatrix Naturae.

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More details:

Frequencies in Hertz (Hz) accessible with the Brain Frequency Helmet for direct stimulation of the brain tissue via near-infrared photons that are tuned to be absorbed by the mitochondria, activating the electron transport chain that provides 90% of the ATP energy of the cells.

This NIR soft laser light energy is also absorbed by the Living Water in and around the cells, increasing the local volume of structured water which increases the quantum energy immediately available to any enzyme in contact with those sheets of hexagonal, negatively charged water.

Increasing that volume also pushes toxins, pathogens and debris away from the cells and into the glymph channels that drain the extracellular fluid of the brain.

Living water outside the cell membrane prevents any toxin or pathogen from approaching the cell, providing cellular immunity.

I've highlighted and explained some of the frequencies we find most significant:

1 Hz Wellbeing

1-11 Stress

3-4 Vision 

3-6 Childhood memories 

3-8 Relaxation, meditation, memory, focus, creativity

4-6 Attitude & behavior change 

4-8 Recall, imagery, creativity, reduce blood pressure, addiction, fatigue, inner peace, transform limiting beliefs, healing, inner wisdom, retrieve unconscious material; inspiration

4-12 Skeletal muscle

4 Enkephalins, ESP; Telepathy; Catecholamines, memory, learning; Chronic Fatigue

5 Problem-solving, reduced sleep need, pain-relief: beta-endorphin increases 10-50%; Thinking is associated with the Earth Element of Consciousness in our Clinical Theory of Everything, while the ultimate decision-making is an act of the will associated with the Water element. Learn more at

5-6 Center of Theta frequency range according to our Clinical Theory of Everything is 5.375 Hz. Learn more at

5-10 Relaxation 

6-8 Visualization

6 Long-term memory; will; These functions are associated with the Water Element of Consciousness in our Clinical Theory of Everything. In TCM, the Jing, associated with the Spirit minerals in Clinical Theory™, is stored in the kidneys. The kidneys conserve all essential ordinary minerals except Chromium, and the observations of Oriental Medicine support the hypothesis that they conserve the non-ordinary Bose-Einstein Condensate state of matter of the sentient, immortal spirit body as well. Learn more at

6-10 Creative Visualization: 6 then up to 10

6-9 Tingling, pressure, heat

7-8 Healing: laying hands, visualization; Addiction

7 Mental projection, psychic surgery

8 Satiation; ESP; Stress/Anxiety

8-10 Learning

8-13 Relaxation, positive thinking; creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, intuitive insights, inspiration, motivation, mind/body integration, dowsing

8-14 Qi Gong

8 chakra 1

9 Awareness of body imbalance & solution; somatosensory cortex; chakra 1

10 serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial; analgesic, safest frequency, hangover, jet lag; nicotine withdrawal; clarity, normalcy, anti-convulsant, circadian rhythm resync, activate kidneys, raise body temp; Motor impulse coordination; Learning foreign language; Centering, Arousal; chakra 3, Yellow, Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Nervous System, wisdom, self-healing; alertness; increase norepinephrine + serotonin & decrease melatonin, wellbeing, beta-endorphins; Adrenal; memory, reading & spelling with 18 Hz, ADHD; head injury

11 Center of Alpha frequency range according to our Clinical Theory of Everything is 10.75 Hz. Learn more at

11-14 Focused alertness

12 Centering; earth resonance; mental stability/clarity, time seems faster; chakra 5  

12-14 Intelligence, passive learning, mental efficiency: use band with 13 center 

12-15 Focus, attention; Hyperactivity; autism

13-30 Motivation, attention, problem solving, dendrite growth 

13-40 Energy, action; analytical thinking, verbal communication

13 chakra 6, Visualization, Conceptualization  

14 Alert, vitality, 2nd Schumann Resonance; growth hormone, develop muscle, recover from injury, rejuvenation; Intelligence Enhancement alternating with 22

15-18 Increase IQ

15-24 Euphoria, strongest ~20 Hz

15 Chakra 7, Integrate personality & spirituality

16 Release oxygen & calcium into cells (stress response)

18-22 Imbalances brain sodium/potassium levels, mental fatigue 

18 Improve memory, reading & spelling with 10 Hz; hyperactivity

19 Distorted ghost-like visions, sensation of coldness

20-30 Phosphenes, peak luminosity

20-40 Meditation for Stress Relief

20 3rd Schumann Resonance; pineal; tinnitis; growth hormone, rejuvenation; Adrenal, Rife Frequency

21-22 Center of Beta frequency range according to our Clinical Theory of Everything is 21.5 Hz. Learn more at

22 with 14 Hz intelligence enhancement; with 40 Hz out of body; psychic healing 

25 visual cortex; anxiety; with 50 Hz in purring cats; heals bone fractures, joints, ligaments, migraines

26 4th Schumann Resonance; growth hormone

30-60 Gamma: decision making in fear, muscle tension

32 Desensitize

33 Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid inside; 5th Schumann Resonance; combine with 9 pyramid outside

35-150 Fractures

35-193 Arthralgia

35 Awaken mid-chakras, balance chakras

36-44 Active Studying/Thinking, olfactory bulb, prepiriform cortex, amygdala

38 Endorphins

39 6th Schumann Resonance

40-60 anxiolytic; beta-endorphins

40 fearful problem solving; information processing; integration of cortex and thalamus; with 22 out of body travel & psychic healing; ectosylvian & lateral cortex, medial geniculate, reticular formation, center median thalamus & hippocampus; just prior to answering a question; brain's operating system 

43 Center of Gamma frequency range according to our Clinical Theory of Everything. Learn more at

45 Schumann Resonance

50-60 Documented negative effects; most ELF research is classified since Hamer discovered behavioral effects with field gradients as low as 4 volts; see our book Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions and visit and

50 polyphasic muscle activity, mains in UK; with 25 by purring cats; heals bone fracture, joints, ligaments, migraine

55 Tantric yoga; kundalini 

60-120 Lambda: CNS activity

60 Electric power EMF; see our book Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions and visit and

63 Astral projection

70-9,000 Voice spectrum

70 Mental/astral projection; Endorphins

72 Emotion

80 Awareness & control of direction; 5-hydroxytryptamine with 160

83 3rd eye

86 Center of Ocular Microsaccade frequency range essential for vision according to our Clinical Theory of Everything. Learn more at

90-111 beta-endorphins; Try with 12

90 Good feeling, security, well-being, balance

95-125 Ancient Structures

95 pain relief with 3040

100 initial pain relief 

105 Overview

108 Total knowing

110 stomach; ovaries

111 Beta endorphins;  cell regeneration

120-500 PSI, transmutation, psychokinesis 

120 Fatigue

144 Headache

160 5-hydroxytryptamine with 80 Hz; rapid headache relief

165 Emotional acceptance

172 Attracts condensates of the transition minerals (ORMUS, M-state, Monatomic), the substrate of the conscious, immortal spirit body according to our Clinical Theory of Everything. Recent studies have found two alternations between myelinated and non-myelinated nerve fibers in pathways between the Cortex and the Thalamus. We theorize that this transduces the 43 Hz carrier wave signal that integrates all parts of the cortex to produce a non-local 172 Hz scalar signal for the spirit to receive as phonons in consciousness. Learn more at and our 300+ videos, 50+ other websites, books, courses, practitioner and coach certification trainings, and more...

220 Vitality

250 Revitalize 

256 Chakra 1

263 Creativity, strength 

264 Personality

272 Selenium

273 Transpersonal Chakra

288 Polarity Chakra

294 Emotions, conflict resolution

304 Headaches; sedation, pain relief; blood pressure, stiff muscles, Potassium

315 Chakra 3

320 Chakra 3, Calcium

324 Muscles

329 Emotional Acceptance 

336 Molybdenum

341 Chakra 4  

342 Formal concepts, Oxygen

352 Chakra 4

384 Chakra 1, 5, Chromium

393 Eyes, Visualization

396 Release guilt/fear

400 Decongest; Manganese 

405 Violet

416 Psychic Center Chakra; Iron

417 Facilitate change

424 Fatigue; Iodine

432 Classical music tuning until the 20th Century; Dr. Hamer's research in German New Medicine found that music with this tuning that conforms to the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean Ratio found throughout nature supports profound healing compared to conventional modern music and musical tuning. Many classical masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Schubert stimulate this healing when played in the tuning in which they were originally written.

438 Indigo

440 Frontal Lobe. The Rockefeller Foundation found that altering music tuning to this frequency caused worker bees to work harder and faster. The change in musical tuning promoted by the Rockefeller cabal that simultaneously seized monopoly control of medicine was adopted globally in the mid-20th century. In our Clinical Theory of Everything, the interpretation of this finding is that the increased tuning frequency functions as a stress signal, as do the 50 Hz and 60 Hz electric power frequencies used in different nations.

448 Chakra 6 

464 Copper

473 Blue 

480 Chakra 7; Phosphorous & Zinc

492 Cortex, intelligence

520 Headache

526 Top of head, spirit, liberation, transcendence

527 Green 

528 Transformation, miracles

580 Yellow 

586 Endocrine meridian

588 Emotions, conflict resolution

597 Orange 

600 Splits water

620 Splits water

664 Fatigue

685 Hearing, concepts

700 Red

727 Rife frequency

728 harmonic life energy

787 Eyes, Visualization, Rife frequency

800 Rife Frequency

880 Frontal Lobes, Rife Frequency

965 Relax neck muscles

984 Cortex, intelligence

1,000 Cerebral neurons 

1,052 Top of head, spirit, liberation, transcendence

1,552 Eye disorders

1,600 Eye disorders

2,025 Water

2,675 charge & clear quartz crystals, crystals in brain, activate auric field

5,000-8,000 recharge brain energy rapidly; fastest at 8000 Hz; anxiety, memory

5,000 Rife frequency; short use only

9,999 Vitality, energy

10,000 Rife frequency, alcoholism

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