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We work with the most comprehensive selection of optimum form nutrients and highly concentrated botanical extracts to create our Functional Formulations™.


With a foundation of 40 years of formulating for individual patients and clients, we have created hundreds of products targeted at specific healing functions as well...


We can help you formulate the most effective natural botanical/nutritional product to meet your needs and exceed expectations...


Once you have your perfect, pure, and potent product formula, we can point you to the only two contract manufacturers in the States who can produce your pristine formulation if we supply them the ingredients. 


Like us, they are committed to making truly healing products the right way, without the addition of harmful ingredients like stearates that other commercial manufacturers must use for the benefit of their high speed equipment.


You will join the handful of professional product lines dedicated to providing the best results rather than the fastest and cheapest production.


That's why doctors and patients are able to use our Functional Formulations™ to reverse 'irreversible' blinding eye diseases like Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.


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Accelerate Self Healing™

We help you match the perfect remedies to your precise needs...

Learn how to supercharge your body's innate healing power...

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