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Bottom Line: Epithelium (Skin Inside and Out), Protection, Boundaries

Skin Driver relates specifically to the epithelium, which is the layer of skin that forms the boundary between us and our environment. This tissue makes up our external skin, the lining of hollow tubes like the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts, and the secretory tissues of glands. There are many different aspects of skin to consider with a priority here and, as the skin is our largest organ, many different functional considerations too. Some of the things the skin does for us are protection, secretion and absorption, temperature regulation, fluid and mineral balance, respiration and detoxification.

As a barrier, skin protects against injury, infection, radiation and extremes in temperature. Some skin tissues secrete mucous to help protect and moisten the tissues. In the nose or lungs for instance these mucous membranes can help to trap bacteria, viruses and pollutants and expel them from the body. In the stomach they can protect the stomach lining from the acid produced here. We want to consider the integrity of these mucous membranes with any immune issue. Much of the immune system is stationed here too, at the entrances to the body. The skin cells, a bit like sentinels at the gate, have the ability to recognise a foe and initiate a chemical immune response to deal with it. When their natural defences are overwhelmed, they can signal to the immune army stationed in the underlying tissues to mount a defence.

Our skin also influences what is allowed into the blood and tissues from the outside world. The digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts are all open to the environment. If we think about it, the digestive tract is outside the body proper, a hollow tube with holes at both ends. The process of digestion and absorption needs to be carefully controlled. It’s the skin cells that secrete the acids and enzymes that break down food and kill bugs, and it’s the skin cells that selectively absorb nutrients into the body and block other substances from coming through.

The skin is also an important route for getting rid of stuff. We clear around 1lb of toxins through our skin each day, mainly through sweat and the sloughing off of dead skin cells. If our toxic load exceeds the capacity of organs like the liver, kidneys and digestive tract to clear them, the skin will need to bear more of the brunt. For some toxins, especially Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) that build up in the environment and in our body, the skin is the best route for clearing them. Excessive sweating may be associated with increased toxicity. Reduced sweating can decrease our ability to clear toxins and regulate our temperature and fluid balance. This regulatory function of the skin may be disturbed in a number of health conditions. With a skin priority we need to consider the performance of the exocrine glands, including the sweat glands and the mucous membranes, and the endocrine glands which secrete hormones through their epithelial skin tissues. More information can be found by looking at the Integrator screens.

In Chinese Medicine there is a strong link with the skin and the lungs. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs through the epithelium skin cells, but the skin does breathe a little bit, taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. The Skin Driver Infoceutical can be helpful therefore with certain lung conditions and breathing issues.

As a sensory organ the skin responds to our inner and outer environment. It reacts to touch, vibrations, temperature and pain. It shivers, flushes, tingles and bristles, responding almost instantaneously to conscious and subconscious emotions. Emotionally, we may talk about being thin-skinned or thick-skinned; that something is a thorn in our side, or has gotten under our skin. It is always worth considering emotional issues with any skin condition.

Issues: Consider what is going on at the surface of the skin with any immune or digestive condition. If the skin is damaged and the cells themselves have become eroded, or the little gap junctions between them (a bit like the sliding doors of an underground train) are jammed open, the impact on your digestive and immune system can be huge. A “leaky gut”, which basically means damage to the skin in the digestive tract, is a trigger for immune activation, inflammation and many systemic health issues, including autoimmunity. When thinking of a skin priority, see what comes up in the Integrator fields. Skin issues with the digestive tract may involve EI3, or with a gland like the thyroid perhaps EI9 will show. Although the Skin Driver may be linked with skin issues, it is worth bearing in mind that conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may be rooted in an underlying imbalance elsewhere. For softening the colour and tone of the skin, try the Heart Infoceuticals. The Stomach Driver can help to improve the clarity of the skin. The skin field is damaged by pollutants, which the Skin Driver Infoceutical can help to remove.

ACTION: Protect Your Skin and Boundaries

Questions: How am I nourishing my skin? In what way could a skin issue be affecting my health? What’s gotten under my skin? Where could I be clearer about boundaries in my life? Your practitioner will help you to nourish and protect your skin in relation to your health goals.

Go For It:

The skin needs to be hydrated with adequate fluid and electrolytes. Good quality fat in the diet keeps it hydrated and fat soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A are important for the skin.

Dry skin brushing can help to cleanse the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system and remove toxins.

Saunas and Far-Infrared Saunas can help to sweat out toxins, particularly POPs. Epsom salt baths can also help to promote detoxification. Bear in mind that these therapies are not always suitable for everyone and there is often a need to go slowly with promoting detoxification.

Nutrients are often better absorbed through the skin. Magnesium for example can be applied to the skin. Essential oils applied to the skin have many health benefits.

Heal the gut. One of the most important things you can do for your health. Meat stocks are a good start.

Breathing Exercise. Focus on breathing through every inch of the skin. Feel the pores opening up. Focus on breathing in positive, happy, expansive feelings, and letting go of negative and constricting feelings. A powerful way to relax and to enhance the body’s energy field.

SKIN DRIVER INFOCEUTICAL: The Skin Driver Infoceutical helps to energise all aspects of the epithelium and its functions. It supports immunity, detoxification, metabolic regulation and healing of the skin. Consider it with ear, nose and throat; lung; digestive and any allergic or inflammatory condition. It links to the underlying connective tissue and muscle and so may be helpful with issues here too. Emotionally it may help to promote a clearer sense of boundaries, keeping firm but flexible, knowing what to allow into our lives and what to keep out.

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