ED5 Circulation Driver
ED5 Circulation Driver

ED5 Circulation Driver

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Bottom Line: Blood, Circulation and Going with the Flow

The circulation of blood is the largest movement in the body, with some 7,000 litres a day flowing through our blood vessels. It comes before the Heart Driver but after the Imprinter Driver in the NES Driver sequence because the heart begins to beat and imprint information before blood is being pumped. The arteries themselves therefore may play a crucial role in blood circulation and your blood may be self-propelling to some degree because of its spiral flow through the arteries. Magnetism, coming from the iron content in our red blood cells, may also help to draw blood through the circulatory system. The nervous system plays a role in circulation too, with nerves controlling the opening and closing of the blood vessels. This nervous system information is included within the Circulation Driver Infoceutical. The circulation driver field reflects the state of the blood vessels, the quality of the blood and the flow of the blood.

The movement of blood generates the circulation driver field. It is reflective of many aspects of blood and its flow, including the integrity of the blood vessels and how well the blood is bringing oxygen, nutrients and information (both chemical and energetic) to the cells. The circulatory system also takes carbon dioxide and waste material away from the cells and to organs like the lungs, kidneys and liver for elimination. We are also looking at the quality of the blood and whether there are enough healthy red blood cells and oxygen-carrying haemoglobin. And, conversely, how ‘dirty” the blood is. The blood can accumulate waste including environmental pollutants, viruses, cell debris and excess fats that can clog the healthy stream of blood flow. In Chinese Medicine the blood is seen as the precious fluid that comes from the heart, not only the circulator of nourishment, warmth and energy but also the container for the mind or spirit. Our emotional state can affect the circulation of our blood – and vice versa of course.

Issues: We want the blood to be warming, nourishing and flowing (i.e. not stagnant). Deficient blood can cause anaemia, fatigue, listlessness, cold extremities and generally feeling the cold. Shock can interrupt the blood flow – “it made the blood run cold”. Of course, we want a good flow of blood to all the organs and tissues and we may want to consider the circulatory system within this context. Poor circulation to the extremities may cause conditions like Raynaud’s disease or chilblains; to the joints it may be linked with arthritis; to the muscles it may be linked with fatigue and cramps. Poor blood flow can cause a sort of low-level generalised pain that may ebb and flow but always remains. Vascular headaches like migraine are associated with the constriction of blood vessels and a disturbance in blood flow to the brain, and both high and low blood pressure may be associated with circulatory system issues. There is a link too with the blood and skin and unhealthy blood flow can manifest in skin conditions. The Circulation Driver Infoceutical may be beneficial with these conditions.

ACTION: Build the Blood and Go with the Flow

Questions: Where may I be stuck and not flowing in life? Am I being too hard on myself? Is inner tension restricting my blood flow? How can I bring more joy and relaxation into my life?

Go For It:

Nourish the blood with warming foods and foods that build the blood.

Get moving. Walk, run, jump, shake your arms and legs. Yoga poses that place the body above the head can help to encourage good circulatory flow – e.g. the shoulder stand with the legs above the head, or the downward dog with the hips higher than the head.

Drink enough water and, on a cold day for sure, room temperature or hot water is best.

CIRCULATION DRIVER INFOCEUTICAL: Circulation Driver helps to energise the entire circulatory system, supporting the flow of oxygen, nutrients and information to the cells, and the removal of carbon dioxide and waste from the cells. It supports the production of red blood cells and helps to clean the blood. By supporting the flow of blood it can support the flow of mind and spirit too.

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