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    Negative ions also act as antioxidants, since they give extra electrons to your lungs with every breath. An antioxidant is an electron donor by definition.

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    Press the button on the front and the green light indicates it is working to create a bubble of clean negatively ionized antioxidant air around you for you to breathe easier during travel, around town, in toxicbuildings or in the car.

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    How to Use Your Living Water Bottle  Your Living Water bottle is your healing tool to make better water anywhere, any time… It incorporates over a dozen different technologies to clean, nourish and energize your water. Key points: The one perfect antioxidant is molecular  Hydrogen (H2). Your Living Water bottle...

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    Without disrupting your night vision, or disrupting your pineal gland function. You can put one in the bathroom, and one in the hallway. We've searched for a biocompatible night light solution for years, and we finally found it! When you need to navigate at night beyond the bounds of your night light areas, you'll want our powerful red night-vision and...

  • $19.97

    Our powerful and rechargeable Red Flashlight allows you to navigate in the dark without losing your dark adaptation... Turning on, or being exposed to a white light at night, even just for a second, not only impairs your night vision for a while after you turn the light off... It also shuts down your pineal gland function... Maybe for a few hours......

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    Works for two people for a year... A shower of hot chlorinated water droplets release a cloud of chlorine gas that is absorbed through your lungs... This is the most damaging Chlorine exposure for most people... Chlorine is a powerful oxidizing agent, damaging and degenerating body tissues, depleting life energy and promoting rapid aging effects......

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items