The Earth has a negative electrical charge, meaning it has an excess of Electrons relative to Protons.


Because this cannot be directly measured in electronics, the ground or earth is assumed to be neutral...


Only relative charge can be measured as voltage between two areas of space.


All other species ground themselves to the Earth regularly, and this provides a supply of excess elections, which take time to slowly percolate into the body.


We tend to think of electrons as moving fast, but in reality it is the waves of electromagnetism that move rapidly through their field, akin to how waves of water move faster than the molecules of water that propagate those very waves...


If you think about this Womb of Heaven on which we live this life, in a fractal sense it resembles an electron processing around the positively charge sun.


The electrons we receive from electrical contact with damp grass or soil, from swimming in the ocean or walking along the damp sand of the beach, are the ultimate antioxidant, since antioxidants are defined as electron donors.


I like to say that the Earth is the largest antioxidant, and it supplies the smallest: free electrons.


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