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Holy Grail Full Spectrum ORMUS

Starting with the purest transition metals, the top alchemists in the world are able to produce M-State minerals also known as ORMUS...

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More detalis:

These are the Spirit Minerals of the Clinical Theory of Everything...











They build you spirit body, the vessel that houses your consciousness and your immortal soul...

But ORMUS is expensive, and there is no guarantee you will be able to incorporate it into your spirit body just because you ingest it...

So we start with those pure, world class materials...

Then we apply the principles of homeopathic potentization to support and stimulate your absorption and utilization process...

That's why we call this class of formulas our Holy Grail...

In the deepest and truest sense, all of the natural and energetic healing modalities we use are designed to lead up to your ability to actually build your immortal body...

​Brain tissue contains 5% dry weight of M-State Rhodium & Iridium.

ORMUS (M-State minerals) are a Condensate form of the transition elements, akin to the Bose-Einstein Condensates that won the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics.

We also call them the Spirit Minerals, and consider them the vessel of consciousness, the immortal spirit body...

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